The future is now, and while hip-hop is clouded by wack beats laced with simplistic fairytales and blatant fiction, The ParanormL drops his 2nd solo album “The PortaL” with stark contrast. 13 revolutionary tracks of banging beats, intertwined with mesmeric melodies, and conceptual lyrics delivered with unadulterated veracity. “The PortaL” takes you on a multi-dimensional journey back to Hiphop’s roots and through it’s rewritten future. Phoenix Orion of Alien Nation, Neila from La2theBay, and Gentle Jones, three of the underground’s most brilliant emcees, join The ParanormL on his quest to revolutionize Hip Hop and bring out of it’s current state of disarray.

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The ParanormL has performed with acts like – Phoenix Orion, Abstract Rude, Canibus, 2Mex, Radioinactive, Pigeon John, Neila, HipHopKlan, Xololan Xinxo, Konfident, Jizzm High Definition, Avatar, Halifax Allstars, Redcloud & more.