Phoenix Orion and ParanormL are The Beyonders – Underground Hip Hop’s super duo who have set forth with extreme zeal to break the listener free of the chains of monotony and open their eyes to the future.

Featuring 12 stellar tracks of gritty boom bap beats with a futuristic twist which correspond with intelligent lyrics that are truly from Beyond, Time Capsule exposes the axioms of the past present and future. Underground heavy hitters Canibus, Radioinactive of The Shape Shifters, Jizzm High Definition, and Avatar contribute to the movement.

All beats prooduced by dB. Toby Tones, except for track 10, produced by DJ Syndakit. Artwork by Adam Hathorn.

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Acts that Phoenix Orion / ParanormL have performed with: Abstract Rude, 2MEX (Visionaries), Canibus, Pigeon John, Linkin Park, Giant Panda, Typical Cats, Mestizo, Galapagos4, Kool G Rap, Offwhyte, Soul Elevation, HipHopKlan, Xololan Xinxo, Spontaneous, Konfident, FatHed, Neila, Ex2, Antedote Neato Project, L.O.W.D, Malkovich (BLX), Rise N Shine, Halifax Allstars, Project Blowed, Avatar & Dj Obi, NoCanDo, Brawdcast, Icons, Ellay Khule, Redcloud, The Literates & more…