The wealth and rights of the people of California continue to be eroded by its leaders. From gun control to spying to forced vaccinations with SB277, California has become a totalitarian society run by criminals.

The Golden State is a Boom Bap truth bomb dropped by Be Peace providing facts and commentary on the convicted felons, hypocrites, thieves, and liars that run California – with a reminder of who’s really in charge.

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Featured in the song are facts about California’s finest including . . .

  • Senator Ron Calderon – Indicted, Felony Bribery, 24 counts
  • Senator Leland Yee – Indicted, Fraud, Importing Firearms, Second Amendment
  • Senator Rod Wright – Convicted, Felony Perjury and Voting Fraud
  • Bell City Administrator Robert Rizzo – Convicted, 69 Corruption Felonies, Federal Tax Fraud
  • Senator Kevin DeLeon – Bribery Investigated by FBI, Second Amendment
  • Senator Richard Pan – Forced Vaccinations SB277
  • Senator Ben Allen – Forced Vaccinations SB277
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein – NSA Spying, Second Amendment
  • Senator Barbara Boxer – Military in Schools, Automobile Tracking, Second Amendment
  • Governor Jerry Brown – Financial Failure, Exported Jobs, Second Amendment
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi – Pass then Read Obamacare, Second Amendment
  • Special Guest: Nevada Representative Harry Reid – Too much to list!