Let the world know that famous colas contain high levels of carcinogens with this black T-shirt printed with the words Cancer-Cola in bright white Spencerian Script across the chest.

The non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest has petitioned the FDA to require the removal of methylimidazole-containing caramel colors from soft drinks. In January 2011, California added 4-MEI (caramel color) to its list of probable carcinogens and stipulated an intake limit of 29 μg per day. Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future sampled 110 brands of soft drinks and found levels of 4-MEI as high as 963 micrograms per liter, with diet colas generally having higher concentrations. Other studies have found levels of 4-MEI that reach nearly 700 μg/liter in colas, up to 2000 μg/liter in coffee, and up to 28,000 μg/liter in dark beer.

In 2012, the 2 largest cola companies changed their recipes to avoid a cigarette-style cancer warning label being required on their products in California. However, the recipe has not changed for other states or Europe — 4-MEI remains at the same toxic levels for these markets. Consumer Reports tested colas purchased in California and found high levels of 4-MEI, though none of the cans had warnings printed on them. Because of this they have urged the California Attorney General to investigate the soda companies for violating the cancer-label law. See the video here.

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